Friday, February 23, 2024
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ArchivesRon Caron remembered in music

Ron Caron remembered in music

by Glenda Jones

A new fiddling tune, “Smiling Ron Caron,” premiered August 22 at the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling camp held in Manotick. 

Renowned fiddler, singer, composer and step-dancer Kellie Trottier of Kingston closed her set at the concert with a special tribute to Ron, his happy countenance, and his enthusiasm for fiddling.

Kelli Trottier with Terry Caron, and “Little Ronnie” who would never miss a jam session.

Kelli’s composition, a joyful fiddling march, began as a solo performance that quickly morphed into an ensemble piece by the Fiddleheads, Ron’s musical companions. The audience was on its feet by the end of the piece, a tribute to Ron, Kelli, and  those who joined her to make the evening especially heart-warming for Ron’s wife Terry and friends who had come out for the surprise performance. This piece will undoubtedly be a favourite for fiddlers who knew Ron both at the camp and at home. It was a place he enjoyed immensely and one he returned to annually for a tune-up of his fiddling prowess.

The Canadian Masters Fiddling Camp is held annually at the campground on Nicolls Island Road in Manotick, with local attendees and others coming from the Maritimes and the U.S to hone their musical skills for the week. Nightly the various instructors host concerts for the campers as well as the general public, casual evenings topped off with a jam session, the likes of which are only heard on occasions like this. The camp culminates in a talent show for both young and old, everyone encouraged showcasing their new-found skills.

The grand finale for the fiddling camp is the Grand Masters Fiddling Competition held August 25-27 in Valleyfield Quebec.  Musicians from across Canada and the U.S will be competing for the honour of Grand Master.  There will be fiddling, keyboard, step dancing, jam sessions, and much more. The website gives all the pertinent details.

Listen to “Smiling Ron Caron” below (click triangle at left.) Readers of the email version of the Millstone will likely have to click through to the website to listen.)





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