“Container”: An exhibition of impressionist paintings by Rosemary Leach runs May 17-28.

May 17-28.

Mainline Gallery, 3905 Boulevard St Laurent, Montreal. Next door to the iconic Schwartz’s Deli!

“Many of my compositions involve a water glass left on a stair, a bowl of blueberries, a pot of coffee. The notion that our moments are held purposefully is appealing to me and creates a sense of safety and intention. Like the Buddhist begging bowl, I like the idea of gratitude for what life serves us, even when that means holding emptiness.”

Rosemary Leach’s paintings explore the rich character of familiar objects. She responds to the contemporary “cool” aesthetic with a focus on what is warm, personal and evokes a story; a milk carton strapped to an old bicycle, espresso on a messy countertop. Her compositions honour a contemplative approach to everyday life and a celebration of life deeply lived.

Leach’s art has been recently profiled on Global TV and CTV in Montreal, as well as being featured in the Ottawa Citizen.