Rumours are circulating in Mississippi Mills about the cease and desist letters that Mike O'Malley received from lawyers for Cavanagh Construction and Enerdu last year, Mr O'Malley had said that damage to the Appleton Wetlands may have been due to the large flashboards put up on the Mississippi River at Almonte by Enerdu. O'Malley has shown these letters to the Millstone. The first, dated June 20, 2011 from Cavanagh Construction lawyer Vince Hunter Labrosse LLP points out that Cavanagh Construction does not own Enerdu Generating Station and accuses O'Malley of defaming Cavanagh Construction by stating otherwise. The letter insists that O'Malley cease linking the companies in this way.

The second letter from Enerdu lawyer January L. Cohen of the Ottawa law firm of Soloway Wright, dated June 22, 2011,  accuses  O'Malley of defaming Enerdu by certain comments he is alleged to have made about damage to the Appleton Wetlands being caused by Enerdu flashboards at Almonte, which, the letter states, is false. The letter demands that he refrain from making these  allegations.