Unscripted, indelicate, loads of fun!

On June 5, at 7 p.m. Sage Age Theatre performs one of their last shows this spring at Orchard View by the Mississippi in Almonte. Open to the public on a donation basis the show will deliver spirited fun by Canada’s first seniors’ improv travelling theatre.

Based in Almonte, Sage Age Theatre has been doing improv for over 25 years. The group has changed constantly, with new members quickly embracing the camaraderie of the troupe. They have done hundreds of one hour shows throughout eastern Ontario that provide laughs and tears, good humour and fun.

Perhaps you will want to join our troupe? The only prerequisites are a desire to let your inner child come out to play; the ability to find fun in this aging process that catches up with us all. There is no fee to enlist, only the desire to let your personality shine.

So come see us June 5, 7 p.m. at Orchard View.  Come for the laughs, stay for a chat, and in September you too could be a Sage Ager!

To know more visit our website: www.sageage.ca. And take a look at this Regional Contact story about Sage Age Theatre that aired on CTV Ottawa in January 2015. This short segment explains what Sage Age is all about and shows our troupe in action.