by Scott Newton

After extensive repairs, unit #1 was restarted on February 23rd and has been running it at full capacity since that time.

Repairs are ongoing in penstock #2. All of the damaged steel has been removed and taken away. Grouters are presently working to stop all of the leaks in the concrete that surrounded the penstock. When they complete that task, welders will repair the welds on the interior of the penstock, in the lower third section that was undamaged and will remain in place.

Upon completion of the welding repairs, preparatory work and installation of the new liner will begin. It’s expected that installation of the new liner will be underway by the beginning of June. The final proposal from the firm that supplies and installs this liner should be received shortly, and will undergo careful review prior to final approval.

All of the repair work will be done from inside the penstock. There will be no in-water work or change to the riverbed.

All costs of repair of the damaged penstock and all lost revenue from that penstock are covered by insurance.