by Scott Newton

I've heard from multiple people today, in Almonte, that they've received a call from someone claiming to be representing their hydro provider. The caller tells them that since they've been such a great customer, they are offering them a device which will save them 40% on their monthly hydro bills. They add that the device retails for $750 in stores, but is being offered to them for $250.

I contacted the local hydro distribution company (Ottawa River Power Corporation) and they have nothing to do with this. I have also spoken with the Ontario Power Authority, which runs many conservation initiatives in the province, and they too, know nothing about this.

I would also have a very hard time believing the a device exists, that would limit your hydro usage by 40%, unless it physically switches off some of your devices.

So, this is likely an independent company or individual, trying to scam folks. I suspect no device will be sent, but cheques will be cashed.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.