The Almonte General Hospital Foundation is proud to tell you about the 3 entertaining puppet shows they are bringing to Almonte as part of their fun family event “Paddles and Puppets”.

“I SPY BUTTERFLY”, presented by Faye Dupras and her Foreign Landscapes Productions from Boston, Massachusetts.

How does a nature-loving explorer become a bug’s best friend? Find out in this delightful eco-story about the ways we all grow and change.  When Trudy’s friend Harold the caterpillar suddenly transforms into a chrysalis, she’s determined to do the same. Just when she is about to give up hope, she learns that her tiny friend needs her now more than ever. Live music, colorful critters, and oodles of audience interaction make this show a fun ecological romp in the wild!

Faye Dupras lived in Almonte for a while in the 90’s and worked for Noreen Young in her puppet studio.  Faye eventually left Almonte when she was accepted into the highly respected puppet course at the University of Connecticut in the USA.  When she graduated from UConn, she went on to form her own company, Foreign Landscapes Productions and has toured with her puppet productions in Canada and the United States.  Faye performed a couple of times at Puppets Up! and everyone loved her shows!!

“THE GOOD OLD FASHIONED PUNCH AND JUDY SHOW” presented by Mike Petersen and the Petersen Puppets.

They’re all here – the loving wife, the teetering toddler, the crusty cop, the voracious crocodile, and of course, the mischievous Mr. Punch in all his trouble-making glory! Come celebrate the 355th anniversary of one of the oldest puppet traditions on Earth, with Mike Petersen’s Good Old Fashioned Punch & Judy Show! It’s better than you remember it: the comedy, the violence, the whole darn thing.

Mike Petersen is from Toronto, Ontario.  His career began on the set of Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock in 1984. Since then he has performed across Canada, throughout the U.S. and in Japan, Australia, Nigeria, Britain, Singapore and Poland with such companies as Mermaid Theatre, Neptune Theatre, Festival Antigonish, Kaleidoscope Theatre, the Edinburgh Puppet Company, Poland’s Teatr Arlekin, and Theatre Beyond Words. Film and television credits include Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth, Black Harbour and Emily of New Moon.  Mike performed at Puppets Up! a couple of times and was very well received.   The Punch and Judy show is often thought of as politically incorrect and violent but Mike’s version is very funny and veers towards a more gentle presentation.  He usually does a verbal set-up before the show.

‘PLUGGING INTO NATURE” presented by Glen Caradus, The Paddling Puppeteer.

Edward loves his TV, Facebook, and Sony Playstation. But one day, a squirrel chews the power line. Edward chases the squirrel away, but gets lost in the woods. With the help of the critters, Edward makes it home and discovers the wonders of the natural world. From that day on, Edward is known as “Outdoor Ed.”

Glen Caradus, The Paddling Puppeteer, from Peterborough, Ontario, has been performing his musical puppet shows across Canada since 1999. A variety of colourful puppets bring to life many stories having to do with the environment.

The Paddling Puppeteer has seven different puppet shows with themes all related to Canada, its natural history, and the simple steps we can take to preserve and restore this beautiful country. All the shows are musical and interactive.  The Paddling Puppeteer has performed many times at the Puppets Up! festival in Almonte and has shared his many original songs and stories about nature and the environment with festival goers.  Glen has 20 years of experience recording and playing music.

It’s only natural that a puppeteer named “The Paddling Puppeteer” perform at an event called “Paddles and Puppets”!