Rhythm & Song: An Online Community Singing Experience

You know that old saying “Dance like no one’s watching”? Well, why not “Sing like no one’s listening”? One positive aspect about singing online is that, because of the ‘mute’ function, no one else on the screen can hear you! The only beings subjected to your vocalizing is your pet, a roommate, or a family member – and, hey, that’s workable. Ask them to go pick up groceries or let them outside for a pee (I’m referring to your pet here). Close your bedroom door and sing cause…..really, no one’s listening!

Being in this for the long haul requires focusing on the positives of online singing. The fun part of online sessions is getting to see others smiling and singing and bopping around to the backing tracks of each song. You are able to hear fearless leader and can sing along with her to get the real time vocal support you need. Backing tracks (melody and harmonies) are played to give you a fuller – in group – experience. There really is something magical that can happen, even through a screen, whether it’s from sharing the experience with others and/or the positive endorphins flowing through your body after 1.5 hours of singing. I think others will agree, we always feel better at the end of a session than when we started. Time flies.

Of course, it’s not the same as being in a warm room full of singing, wiggling bodies…but it is a positive distraction, guaranteed to bring a smile or few. There is always a 4-5 minute break where you get to talk to another singer in a private ZOOM ‘breakout room’. Today’s question for discussion was, “If you could escape COVID for a couple of weeks, where would you go and why?” Italy seemed to come out on top, the food, the drink, the history…. ah but I digress.

In this past four-week session, there were Almonte-area singers and others from Perth, Ottawa, Peterborough and even Newfoundland. There were a pair of sisters who, though geographically far away from each other, got to see and sing with each other every week. I’ve had mothers and grown children in the same situation as well.

If you have always wanted to sing but were too shy to come out to our weekly sessions at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, or if you work from home and would like a break in the middle of your day, or you already sing like no one’s listening in the shower, or in your car,  or you know you love to sing and need more of it in your life, or you simply need a wee escape, you’ve got a couple of weeks to take action. Here are the details for the next two four-week sessions.

FALL SESSION #2   MONDAY, OCT 19 & 26, NOV 2 & 9    Fee: $55


1:00 – 2:30 pm

FALL SESSION # 3 MONDAY, NOV 16, 23, 30 & DEC 7   Fee: $55


1:00 – 2:30 pm

If interested registering, or you have questions send an email to Jennifer randsalmonte@gmail.com.  For more info see www.jennifernoxon.com/choir.