Over the last year, several things I believed were important fell away, being less of a necessity to my well-being than I had thought. Other things became crystal clear, more of a necessity and integral to my happiness and mental health. To name a few, and in no order of importance: the new meaning of the word ZOOM, how to play ping pong on my dining room table, just how important my friends and family are, that life really does happen in simple moments, that exercise leaves me feeling good, that good food, cooking and eating are some of the biggest pleasures in life, and that listening to, dancing to, and making music can change my outlook, on any given day, from dark to light or from ‘not good’ to ‘a little better’. Be it melancholic or bright, there really is music for every mood and moment.

Though it wasn’t the same as meeting in person, every week I gathered myself up, changed into my choir leading clothes, put on a little colour, and joined a bunch of enthusiastic singers on ZOOM. We wiggled, laughed, and sang our way through Monday afternoons all fall. I met singers from Victoria, Newfoundland, Ottawa, Peterborough, and Montreal. We sang songs from South Africa, Norway, and the Baka people who live in the rainforest in Cameroon, among others. A highlight of the the fall was having Chelsea, Quebec’s Ian Tamblyn join us on ZOOM to perform his original song Woodsmoke & Oranges, then answer thoughtful questions from the singers. To say the least, Monday afternoons left me feeling connected and light-hearted and gave me something to look forward to.

With this continuing lockdown – we’re going to keep at it this winter. I’m adding a Wednesday evening session (must have a minimum of 15 singers) in addition to our Monday afternoon sessions to give people who work during the day or prefer evenings an option. Dates, times and fees are below. I suggest you visit www.jennifernoxon.com/choir for important information about what to expect. Both sessions start the week of January 11th.


Monday, January 11 – Mon. March 1       1 – 2:30pm

Fee: $110 (confirmed)


Wednesday, January 13 – Wed. March 3      7 – 8:30pm

Fee: $110 (min. 15 people needed)

New singers are welcome to try the first session before paying their fee to ensure it’s a good fit. To register email Jennifer randsalmonte@gmail.com.