by Edith Cody-Rice

Late on Monday evening the Mississippi Mills bylaw officer, Jim McBain, visited the Enerdu construction site to observe/ listen for construction related noise. There was no noise while he was there. He did advise affected residents that

  1. noise infractions / complaints should be directed to the Bylaw hot line number 613-809-7048; it would be helpful to have names and contact information for follow up
  2. this complaint/hot line is monitored all the time and they do check out complaints
  3. the hot line is used to collect data and follow up
  4. because they have not received calls on the hot line number, the bylaw service considers that there were no complaints
  5. when residents write or complain to the Councillors or to the Mayor or to municipal staff, these do not get passed on to Bylaw Enforcement or to the hot line number.

Residents affected by the noise of the construction site have advised the Millstone that they have not yet been contacted by Enerdu.

Some of the commenters on the Millstone site are under the impression that the town approved the Enerdu project.This is incorrect. Under current provincial law, local communities have no say in whether or not a hydro, solar or wind energy project will proceed. In addition, the town does not have the right to tax these projects.  The current council fought this project vigorously right up to the office of Premier Kathleen Wynne. Although provided with substantial evidence that the project would provide little net benefit to hydro output, the province approved the project over council and community objections.