Municipal building Mississippi MillsThere will be  a special meeting of Mississippi Mills Council this evening to consider the following

  1. The closing of the Taking Young People Seriously
  2. The repeal of  By-law 14-94 Repeal By-law 14-86  to establish a Heritage Conservation District Study Area
  3. Land Division File B13/069 and B13/073 Chad Young & Julie Patterson Young – Cluster Lot Development
    Pt E ½ Lot 14, Concession 12
    Council direction to staff to contact Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to direct Ministry of Natural Resources to review the Environmental
    Impact Study and request the Lanark County Land Division withhold a decision until MNR comments are received and considered.

As the new term of office for newly elected mayor and councillors commences only on December 1, 2014, the outgoing council members and mayor will be in office for this meeting.