As a global community we have watched as a spotlight has grown larger and larger on racial injustice over the last days and weeks. It is heartening to see the strong response of support in our community, and indeed around the world, for people of colour who face racial injustice.  Some of us who walk a path of privilege are appreciating for the first time this systemic inequity.

I have struggled to find the words to provide comment on these times as your mayor and on behalf of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills. To follow through on my statement renouncing racism, discrimination and hate, I also commit to and encourage others to take action to learn, listen and ensure respect for all.

June is National Indigenous History Month. It is also Pride Month. And more than ever, we know that racism is a fight not yet won.

I encourage anyone who thinks there is a problem, doesn’t think there is a problem, doesn’t know they’re part of the problem, or who wants to be part of the solution to take action. Donate to organizations that support marginalized communities. Learn about the history of Pride.  Join a local group seeking Truth and Reconciliation. Follow or read about leaders of colour.  Spread awareness.

It is time to recognize that intolerance comes in many forms and that we cannot change through sound bites, social media posts or hashtags. It is time to expect more of ourselves, our family, our friends, our neighbours and our leaders.

It is time for action and for learning. For listening and understanding. For respect and for love.


Christa Lowry
Mayor of Mississippi Mills