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LivingGardening'Sugar Tyme'

‘Sugar Tyme’

by Dale Odorizzi

Have you been lucky enough to drive down Wilson Street in Perth shortly after a snowfall?  If yes, you are likely wondering, “What are those beautiful trees with all the little red berries?”

These trees are a variety of flowering crab apple, known as Malus ‘Sutyzam’ Sugar Tyme.  They were planted as a part of Perth’s 200th Anniversary celebration in 2016 and this year, they are absolutely spectacular.  In the spring, they were loaded with pale pink buds which bloomed into white flowers and now they add beautiful winter interest with their showy fruit.  Not only are they beautiful year-round, but they are also great attractors for bees, birds and butterflies.

They perform best grown in medium moisture with well-drained soil and once established have some drought tolerance. They will grow up to about 5 metres tall and about 4 metres wide.  The flowers are followed by masses of small glossy red crab apples.  They are a wonderful addition to your landscape as a single specimen or in small groups.

We haven’t seen any winter birds enjoying these little apples yet but expect to one day soon be inundated with flocks of Grosbeaks or Bohemian Waxwings.

Dale Odorizzi is a member of the Lanark County Master Gardeners.  Want to know more about the Master Gardeners group or ask a gardening question? Visit our website at or contact us at




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