Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Civitans mark Red Shirt Day to support accessibility

National AccessAbility Week runs from May 26...
Science & NatureSunflowers blooming at Al and Shirley's

Sunflowers blooming at Al and Shirley’s

Shirley Deugo writes:

Al tending the sunflowers

The sunflowers aren’t as large or plentiful this year because of the drought but they are just as stunning!

Everyone is invited to enjoy the result of Al’s green thumb.

Al & Shirley also encourages people to cut & deliver to people who need a little bit of sunshine.

A pair of clippers will be at the beginning of the sunflower path, please remember to leave them for the next sunflower lover. 

Al and Shirley’s lovely sunflower garden is just a short hike off Carss Street, a few blocks past the high school.

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