22 August 2018 – 7 pm

Preserving the Harvest:  Simple Methods to Eat LOCAL All Year Round
Sarah Lickley
of Wild Oak Homestead will be speaking on season extension methods, other preservation methods – drying, canning, force ripening, cellaring and other storage methods.

Sarah is a first-generation farmer who has learned through hands-on experimentation, working with nature, and absorbing information from books, internships, courses and other organic growers.  She has a passion for getting her hands dirty growing vegetables and loves the nuances of cultivating mushrooms.   You won’t want to miss this informative talk.

12 September 2018 – 7 pm

Bill Kemp of Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee is a local single-origin small-scale coffee roaster with a focus on quality and attention to detail.  Bill and Lorraine have lived off the electrical grid for the past 25 years, generating electricity and heat directly from renewable resources.  100% of their water use is recycled back to nature and their garbage waste stream motto is, “if we can’t recycle it or reuse it, we don’t use it”.  They also drive a fully electric car that is charged using solar electricity.

They have translated their way of life into the same philosophy for their business.  Come and listen to Bill talk about their successes and maybe even some lessons learned in living off the grid.

10 October 2018 – 7 pm

Brodie Barrie of Forest Floor Mushrooms will be focusing on home mushroom cultivation techniques and incorporating mushrooms into your garden.  He will also touch on foraging and some edible species to keep an eye out for in Mississippi Mills.

You may have already met Brodie at the Almonte Farmer’s Market selling cultivated & wild mushrooms, grow your own kits and logs.  If you are a fan of mushrooms you won’t want to miss this interesting talk.

Registration required  – please register at the front desk.