Glenda Jones

Local historian and raconteur Terrie Currie will be presenting his tales of the valley entitled “Raised on Porridge and Pond-Water” when he talks at the Almonte Lecture October 27.

Terry has given his audience snippets of valley lore over the past couple of years, namely the great fire story as well as the community that was Panmure.

This lecture will include his memories of growing up on his family farm, when electricity  and running water were not on the horizon, when relatives lived close by, when walking was the major form of transportation, and when life was a challenge.

However, through the eyes of a boy, life often provided moments of joy if not downright hilarity. The proximity of community took on new meaning when scope was limited to the one-room school, and friends and relations were born, worked and died, all within the confines of that small valley community of little farms and big families.

Terry knows his subject well, being raised in the Fitzroy Harbour area. He has been diligent in preserving the history of the area, writing two church histories before attaining his Master of History degree at Carleton in 2002.

Besides his books on the great fire of 1870, the church histories and two other volumes on local history, Terry has produced a video on the Catholic Church in Pakenham, and continues to lead guided tours, give lectures, and regale people with talks of his valley roots.

Terry’s lecture: “Raised on Porridge and Pond-Water” begins at 7:30 p.m., Oct. 27 at the Community Hall of the Almonte United Church on Elgin St. The lecture is free for the taking, although the little donation basket remains on the table.

This is the second in the series of monthly Friday night lectures, and by all indications will be a crowd-pleaser. If you’ve lived in the area, if you’re new to the area, this will be an excellent opportunity to delve into a valley past!