Meet the artist : Saturday August 5th 1-3 and Sunday August 13, 1-3

Bhat will be in the gallery at Carriageway to greet visitors and talk about his work this coming Saturday. As well, an Artist’s Reception will be held the following Sunday, July 15, 1-3, Refreshments will be served.

Carriageway Studios is delighted to be showing paintings by the noted Ottawa painter Bhat Boy. This series is an hommage to the Canada Goose. Here our iconic geese illuminate the scenes for delightful visual story telling . My favorite piece is likely Canadian Love Birds ( in Paris) . The whole of Paris with the Seine winding its way through the familiar landmarks and historical streets draws you in to see our 2 lovers enjoying a sojourn in the City of Lights. Another work we will all relate to is The Curse of Sgt. Flurry as he shakes his fist from a well known place in Ottawa toward the sky where 2 regal geese fly by. On it goes. The painting called My Grandmother’s Birthday, November 17, 1917 is another intriguing chapter in this series.

Bhat Boy is well known for his fanciful views of the city of Ottawa with his neighbourhood, the Glebe, as the centre of it all. Well known landmarks are all there and the scenes can be parsed by following intricately painted clues of how the canal winds it way through the city as we understand things to be laid out but somehow the Glebe Community Centre and other important Glebe landmarks are most prominent above the city with radiant light emanating from their location.

It is worth checking out Bhat’s website and read his bio before visiting the show. One prominent fact was that his 4th year (at The Ontario College of Art in the 80’s) was spent studying painting in Florence. His colouration, composition, and craft is clearly defined by this experience. It is fun to see paintings with such classical overtones brimming with familiarity, humour and contemporary themes. His commissions for public art are important as his paintings have been chosen to enhance numerous locations around Ottawa and are a delight to see as you delve into them to pick out familiar places and learn about what is going on in them.

Bhat is a well loved community advocate for many reasons. His work to establish the biggest community art festival in the region over 25 yrs ago is still resonating with over 200 artists and thousands of visitors each year at Central Park in the Glebe. ( started as Art in the Park , the festival continues as The New Art Bhat has won awards for his community engagement and is also a popular painting teacher.

Come and meet this contemporary master of the craft of painting and see why his work is so well loved.