Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Letters to the EditorThe gorgeous men of Lanark County

The gorgeous men of Lanark County

by Amelia Gordon

When I think of all my single professional women friends in Ottawa, with great careers, but big lonely spots in their lives, I want to tell them to abandon the Ottawa social scene and come out to meet the GORGEOUS MEN OF LANARK COUNTY.

My husband and I decided to build a house in Almonte several years ago. We love this Ottawa Valley town with its physical charm, and knew it harboured interesting people and a lively arts scene. We hired an architect and away we went.

What we did not know was that there are so many intelligent, articulate, interesting, handsome, competent and fit men in this part of the country. Everyone we hired or consulted, from architect, to builder,  to engineer, stonemason, carpenter, landscape architect and landscaper, of whatever age, was a delight to meet and deal with, and they did marvellous, competent work. They even had a great sense of aesthetics.  I looked over the scene of construction and thought I had not seen so many interesting men in one place in many years in Ottawa.

So hats off to you, men of Lanark County, and ladies — abandon that sterile scene in  Ottawa and come to Lanark County to meet the men we dreamt of as girls.


A special Remembrance Day

A moment of reflection



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