Saturday, February 24, 2024
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LivingHealthThe Hub to establish palliative care in Mississippi Mills with community support

The Hub to establish palliative care in Mississippi Mills with community support

At the March 5th Annual General Meeting of the Almonte Community Co-ordinators, known around town as the Hub, President Glenda Jones introduced the association’s latest project. The Hub has been asked by the community at large to be the steering committee to establish palliative care within Mississippi Mills. The committee has been holding meetings for the past two months in an effort to formulate a plan of action, and has been overwhelmed with the degree of public support that has come forward. To this end, the association has set up a trust fund at the Royal Bank in Almonte, and at the meeting, the membership gave unanimous endorsement to the initiative, directing $10,000 as a start-up fund for the project. According to Jones, there are many volunteers eager to take the required training to satisfy the need for in-home care, as well as, hospice care.

“We hear stories every day indicating that palliative care completes the circle of life, and if we can alleviate suffering, we will gladly do it,” said Jones.

Plans are underway to hold a focus group meeting in early May, to be followed by a public information meeting, and the formation of a formal board of directors.

In the meantime, donations may be made at the Royal Bank in Almonte. A tax receipt will be issued for all donations over $25.00.

The Hub is a success story on its own. For 38 years, the second hand store run largely by volunteers has been giving back to the community, Begun as a fund-raiser for CHEO, it has gone on to be instrumental in the support of Interval House, TYPS, the food bank, the hospital, and many other social agencies. Last year’s record donations of over $50,000 helped diverse causes from animal rescue to the Mills mini- bus. In addition, the Hub is a prime example of recycling, diverting extra donations of goods to many other sources: books and sporting goods have gone to the North, clothing to Haiti and school supplies to youth agencies. Nothing is wasted – and every item it receives does double duty, first as an item to sell and second as funds to redirect.




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