Welcome to 2012!

In this. snowy northern clime, many of us experience a perfectly normal desire to hibernate until spring. While it is understandable that a person would rather huddle deep under a pile of blankets than face the elements, it seldom produces the kind of warmth in the soul that comes from gathering with your fellow denizens of the Valley. Here are a few upcoming events that you might want to bundle up and get out to.

. The intimate concerts that Foodies has been hosting on an occasional basis have been a real hit with audiences and every show has sold out well in advance. This show features the Claytones (Kelly Prescott, Anders Drerup and Adam Puddington) singing their favourite country duets. (I imagine that there will be at least one George Jones/Tammy Wynnette tune on the playlist.

. This exhibit features the work of three Canadian fibre artists: Thoma Ewen, Krystyna Sadej, Ixchel Suarez and three invited guest artists: Ewa Bartosz Mazus from Poland, Monique Lehman from United States and Thomas Cronenberg from Germany. The title of the show refers to the strong connection between Canadian, American and European artists who share the same interest and love of tapestry weaving. The work shows a striking diversity and originality, combining humour and seriousness, recycling, and reflections on the nature of everyday life.

There is nothing that starts a cold day off like a hearty breakfast. In that department, the good folks of the Almonte Civitan Club have got your back (bacon, that is). Starting at 8am, volunteers from the Civitan club will host a Pancake Breakfast. For $6, enjoy a breakfast of pancakes, bacon and sausages. Later that same day from 1 to 4pm, the Civitans will be having an Open House highlighting the club's history.

For a complete listing of this week's events, please visit www.theHumm.com.