Glenda Jones

Just when the garden gear has been put away for winter, the Almonte Lecture Series is presenting what is sure to be food for thought for next year’s plans. Local landscaper Allan Goddard has had an exciting career creating gardens from Montreal to Saudi Arabia, but he has been challenged with imposing landscape features over the existing beauty of nature itself.

Allan will discuss this dilemma in light of the landscape business, how he has managed to unite the ideas of pleasing his clients while respecting the natural settings in which he works. He is sure to come with photos to inspire the palest green thumb, as well as a philosophy of design that should be an inspiration to everyone.

The lecture is Friday, December 4, 7:30, in the Almonte United Church Hall. There is no charge to attend, although a donation is never turned away. This will be a golden opportunity to hear one of our own gardening professionals discuss a concept that could change the way garden design is considered.