Saturday, January 28, 2023
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A silverish lining

A reader sends us this moving story: My...

The Ten Collective Blog: Three Posts Every Week!

The Ten Collective will have their fourth...

Johanne Polis — obituary

Polis, Johanne It is with sadness that we...
NewsThe Millstone adds a gardening column

The Millstone adds a gardening column

Spring may not quite be here but you gardeners are sharpening your shears and we heard you. The Millstone is adding a gardening column in its Nature section. Almonte resident David Hinks will write a weekly Tuesday column on gardening starting today. David has been an enthusiastic vegetable gardener for many decades. He was brought up on a dairy farm in south-western Ontario where he was introduced to gardening at an early age by parents and grandparents – in particular his paternal grandmother liked to take her grandchildren in hand and show them how to plant beans right-side up, create perfectly straight rows with stakes and a rope, and harvest and shell only the plumpest peas. For the last 40 years David has gardened in allotment gardens in Ottawa. Read David’s bio here. The Millstone welcomes David to its talented group of authors.





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