From January 17 to February 23, all donations made to the Millstone will be donated to Mississippi Mills’ Olympian Perianne Jones so that she may wear her hometown colours on her Olympic uniform. The donation button is located on the bottom right hand corner of our site. The donation date has been extended to the end of the Olympics from the original end date of February 1, 2014. After February 23, the donations will be calculated and a cheque issued by the Millstone to Perianne for the total amount. The Millstone is the only organization accepting donations that can receive donations online. Donors may also make donations in cash or by cheque at  the Almonte branch of the Royal Bank. The deposit should be made to the “Perianne Goes to Sochi” fund. You may also drop off your donation at Baker Bobs in Almonte, or at Vamos Outdoors, where owner Lisa Labonte is matching donations received in-store.  Local schools are also collecting donations, so you can check with each school how you can help.  All cheques must be made payable to “Perianne Goes to Sochi” so they can be deposited in this fund. Donations to the Millstone are made by through Pay Pal, and each donation has a donor date generated by the site, so the Millstone will be able to track donations for Perianne.

All the money raised goes to Perianne to cover training/racing costs which include:

  • transportation
  • accommodation
  • massage therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • training equipment
  • training camp expenses

The National Sport Organization(NSO) covers some but not all costs associated with training/racing.

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