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The hero of that tale I pray the goddess help me tell is that resourceful man who roamed the wide world in his efforts to return home after he had sacked the holy citadel of Troy.

So begins Homer’s Odyssey, a tale which storyteller Jan Andrews has been telling for over twenty years: telling as it was meant to be told through the power of the human voice, spoken with passion to the company of spellbound listeners gathered to hear.

“I’m privileged to carry the torch, bringing this great work of literature into the world anew,” Jan says. “I’m also hugely grateful to both Mississippi Mills Public Library, Almonte branch and the much-loved Mill Street Books for getting together to make it all happen. I realize the Library isn’t exactly an ancient hall but I also know I can promise an intensely memorable experience. After all, The Odyssey is an outstanding story. So ancient and yet leaping forth so vibrantly for all of us, capturing that search for home which stands at the heart of all our lives.”

Date is October 29. Time 7 p.m. Location: the Mississippi Mills Library’s Almonte Branch, 155 High St. Admission is free but donations to enable the library to make purchases for its collection will be received most gratefully. Support is also coming from local storytelling company 2 women productions.

Jan is one of Canada’s most renowned storytellers, famed for her ability to weave magic with her words. She has performed on stages both across the country and internationally. She was the recipient of Storytellers of Canada-Conteur du Canada’s Storykeeper Award in 2013 and in 2014 was honoured with the opportunity to create the CD Nausicaa and Penelope. Two Women of The Odyssey through that organization’s StorySave project. In Ottawa, she has co-produced day-long tellings of both The Odyssey and The Iliad on behalf of Ottawa StoryTellers at the Fourth Stage of the National Arts Centre.

Saving a seat for The Odyssey Comes to Almonte might prove a wise decision. Call .613 256-9090 or 613-256-1037