JP cohousing schematic

The modern cohousing concept originated in the 1960’s in Denmark and has now spread throughout Europe and to North America and Australia.

Here is a description from CoHousing Cultures – the first European-wide platform presenting the great diversity of self-organized, community-oriented and sustainable housing:

Ideally defined Cohousing

Self-organized, community oriented, sustainable

Residents are creating community and encouraging neighbourhood engagement. They are experimenting with ecological building and sharing and thus are saving energy and resources.  These initiatives are bringing together generations and developing inclusive living environments and new, attractive qualities of life.  Cohousing emphasizes collaborative and self managed social architectures.  Residents share a vision of community-oriented living, developed through cooperative planning and management, and supported through common daily experiences. Specially designed spaces and coordinated activities encourage communication within housing projects and interaction with surrounding neighbours.  Ownership structures work against speculation and help secure affordability over time.

Michael LaFond, Thomas Honeck and Christine Suckow  

id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability

Please join us on October 16th, 7:00pm at the Almonte United Church Hall for a conversation about cohousing in Mississippi Mills. Architect Scott Donovan will be presenting case studies and facilitating our conversations.

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Photo credit:
Schematic for Jamaica Plain Cohousing in Massachusetts
Kraus Fitch Arch. Inc.