The Mississippi Mills Library in Almonte is hosting a presentation on Thursday March 15 at 7 pm of my novel Tom Thomson’s Last Bonfire.

Last Bonfire was released in July by Burnstown Publishing and is currently in its third printing. The presentation is a combination of stories, art and a couple of songs trying to separate the truth from fiction when it comes to Tom Thomson.

My novel focusses on the 24 hours between the time his body is found and his first funeral. Who were his friends who found him and what did they do with the body? Why? What can you tell about the man by the company that he kept? I call it meticulously researched wild conjecture. The performance is informal with participation and questions from the audience. The timing is about 45 minutes with another 15 minutes for question and answer. The show also includes the lure Tom was fishing with the day he disappeared and I play a song on the mandolin (Tom was also a mandolin player) that Tom played in his canoe to romance the women in his life.

Books are available afterward for $25 and I am happy to sign and inscribe.

Geoff Taylor