Sunday, February 25, 2024
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LivingHealthTravel tips to help keep your body from ‘March breaking’ down

Travel tips to help keep your body from ‘March breaking’ down

 Jennifer Fergussonby Dr. Jennifer Fergusson, Chiropractor

Heavy luggage, suitcases, daypacks and beach bags can all wreak havoc on our backs and necks when overloaded with weight. Sleeping in lumpy beds with strange pillows and traveling for long hours on planes or in cars can also cause painful muscle and joint injuries.

No one wants to experience a painful back or tension headache while on vacation.

Here are a few travel tips to help keep your body from ‘March breaking’ down.

  •  Always take a small, lightweight back pack with you for day trips instead of a large purse or shoulder bag. Two straps are always better than one.
  • Choose a bag with wide supportive shoulder straps that adjust as needed.
  • Plan to pack light; take only what you need for the day.
  • Packs or bags with many pockets can help distribute the weight.
  • For luggage and large bags, make sure to purchase ones that have wheels or use a cart.
  • Keep aches and pains to a minimum while on the road.

Even if you have followed the advice above, injuries can still happen. New activities like long walks on the beach, or full days on a ski slope can also contribute to body aches and pains.

Here are a few tricks;

  •  Pack a tennis ball. This small tool can be used to release trigger points in muscles. Place it on a tight muscle in your neck or shoulder and press it against the wall. Move your body to roll the ball over the tight muscle point or just hold it in place until the trigger point releases about 30 sec to 1 minute.
  • Foam roller – this tool could also be packed in a suitcase. It is a fascial release and massage tool. Simply lay the roller on the floor, place the tense area of muscle on the roller and ‘rock and roll.’ It works out large muscles groups like the quads, calves and back really well. A great tool for those who hit the slopes over the break.
    Figure on yoga mat
  • Pack some topical cooling agents in your first aid kit such as Deep Cold or my personal favourite, Biofreeze
    (I love this stuff). If you put this on in the morning, it can help ease tense muscles and joints for several hours.
  • Make sure you prepare for whatever adventure your March break brings. I know it’s your holiday but try to take a few minutes each day to just stretch it out. Your body will thank you!

Don’t let aches and pains slow you down this March Break!! Travel safe!

Travel Tips to Help Keep your Body from ‘March breaking’ Down

Dr. Jennifer Fergusson graduated Cum Laude from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. She maintains a family practice in Almonte at the Hands on Healing Clinic. Chiropractor logo





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