For over a decade the Town of Mississippi Mills has offered Linedance Programmes at the Almonte Community Centre (organized through Calvin Murphy, Recreation Director).

In addition to meeting weekly, our dancers, “The Hy-Liners”, regularly volunteer to perform locally at Hospitals, Seniors’ Residences, as well as at other Events and Fundraisers in the area.

They run Thursdays with the Beginners class from 12:00 to 1:15 P.M. and the Intermediate class from 1:30 to 3:00 P.M. The fall term runs for eight weeks starting October 12 at a cost of $10.00 per class. 

Are you thinking of of adding some “spice” your exercise routine? Well, if you’re hunting for some dance moves that are fun-to-learn, easy-to-do and at the same time, in the “good-for-you” category, look no further—Linedancing with “The Hy-Liners” has it all ! And there are daytime Fall-2017 programmes in your area, that are set to run from mid-October to mid-December!

What are the facts you’ll really enjoy about linedancing with the Hy-Liners? Well, below are a few that will help to give you the “big-pic”, and also a great “behind-the-scenes” overview

•Although partners are welcome, this is not a pre-requisite in order for
you to participate, as it is with some other dance programmes.

•Having “two-left-feet” does not exist in this dance-form—all the steps
have alternate moves that make it easy for everyone to “learn-&-do”.

•This Linedance Programme welcomes every level, ranging from Beginner,
through Novice to Intermediate.

•It is open to both genders and also to participants of every age group.

•The health benefits of linedancing have a great track-record—as a form
of exercise, it is aerobic as well as weight-bearing; and it offers positive
brain-stimulation, in addition to important socialization. These elements
all combine to improve participants’ well-being and “joie-de-vivre”.

•Linedancing had its beginnings in Country music, but has maintained its
relevance to modern times by moving forward to embrace a variety of
different genres, such as Bachata, Calypso, Celtic, Cha-cha, Eastern-Swing,
Fox-Trot, Jazz, Jive, Mambo, Night-Club, Rhumba, Salsa, Samba, Spiritual,
Tango, Waltz, Western-Swing and others.

•Each semester, The Hy-Liners hold a “Local-Social” at one of their 3 sites,
where members get to know each other better by meeting-greeting-
dancing-eating, while celebrating the closing of the semester.

•The groups also volunteer to “give-back” to communities by performing
at hospitals, nursing homes, seniors’ residences, church fundraisers
and other functions, and for other institutions and establishments.

•Those who are new to this dance-form are welcome to attend a f-r-e-e
session at the beginning of the term—this provides a great opportunity
for them to see what is being offered, before signing-up.

So, this is an open invitation for everyone, to “kick-up-their-heels” with the Hy-Liners on the dance-floor on Thursdays, beginning in FALL-2017! N-O-W is the time to Pre-Register—simply contact Instructor Hyacinth directly at 613-623-0976 or In addition, you may also get in touch with the Town of Mississippi Mills at 613-256-1077, ext.21, and Pre-Register for the Beg/Nov Programme at 12:00nn or the Intermediate Programme at 1:30pm.

Get ready to “step-it-up” for FALL-2017—have fun by getting involved with this activity, either as a “new-to-you” dance-form, or by reviving and renewing it, as an interest of the past !