Monday, March 4, 2024
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AGH Emergency Department closed on evening of March 2

The Emergency Department at Almonte General Hospital...


Written by the summer camp kids at Linda Lowe Daycare


The authors watch the nest for the emerging turtles

On Monday our class from Linda Lowe Daycare went to the Pakenham beach. When we got there we went straight down to the water. We love swimming. When we got to the water we saw a cute little baby turtle!

Some of us watched the turtle go into the water and some of us looked for more. But we found a little hole instead, with something very interesting inside!

We crowded around the hole and saw something moving inside. It was more baby turtles! They started climbing out of the hole one by one. They stepped on top of each other to get out. It looked like they were climbing on each other’s heads. When they were out of the hole they walked down to the water.  They were moving fast for turtles.  We had to be careful that we didn’t step on any because they were the colour of sand. They also had long tails and sharp looking claws.

  We watched and watched the turtles coming out of the hole.  We counted 17! We loved seeing them so much. When they got to the water some of the turtles swam and some walked on the bottom. We were very excited when they got in the water. The last turtle that came out of the hole took a really long time. We felt sad that he had no brothers to climb on but we didn’t touch him. That would scare him.

After a long time no more turtles came. We asked a lot of questions and looked on the internet when we got back to the school. The turtles were snapping turtles! We learned a lot of interesting things about turtles. They are reptiles. Mom turtles can lay 80 eggs! They can live for 30 years. We know that the turtles on the beach stayed safe when the crawled on the sand because no birds got them. It was good we were there to protect them.

  We are very happy that we got to see those little turtles. The next day we went back check for more. We looked in the hole and felt inside with our hands. We pulled out the eggs. They were white and soft and deep down. It was a good thing we went to the beach on Monday!


Tiny snappers head for the water




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