Friday, June 21, 2024
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For sale: Pet fencing, $30

30 units  3' x  2' pet fencing:...

Yard of the Week, June 19 2024

The prize for the first week of...
CoronavirusUnsung Heroes of the PandemicUNSUNG HEROES: Dairy Distillery

UNSUNG HEROES: Dairy Distillery

Omid McDonald, co-founder of Almonte’s Dairy Distillery, which has had great success with its Vodkow vodka, transformed its operation a week ago to produce hand sanitizer. Mr. McDonald said that the Ottawa Hospital, paramedics and hundreds of others approached the distillery to provide the hard-to-come-by sanitizer, so the owners stopped production of Vodkow to produce it. The sanitizer is 65% alcohol with a denaturant added so that it is not drinkable. “It wouldn’t make a great martini”, Mr. McDonald said.

Because the need is so great Dairy Distillery is currently only providing the sanitizer to organizations but it hopes to accommodate more requests as production increases. The distillery’s sanitizer has been provided to the Ottawa and Almonte hospitals, among numerous others. Dairy Distillery hopes to get back to producing the popular Vodkow but as long as the need lasts, Mr. Omid says Dairy Distillery will do its part.





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