Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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CoronavirusUNSUNG HEROES: Grocery store workers

UNSUNG HEROES: Grocery store workers

Noreen Young sent us this note recently:

If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you’ll surely have seen the huge lineups and empty shelves and the general chaos that’s happening there during these coronavirus days. The staff of Patrice’s could certainly be called unsung heroes of the pandemic, particularly the night staff who are working so hard to restock those empty shelves to be ready for morning. We’re living in unusual times.

Maybe we can start a series called UNSUNG HEROES OF THE PANDEMIC and invite readers to suggest their own nominations for our unsung heroes.

We think this is a great idea. We’re starting this series with a big thank you to every employee at Patrice’s for working so hard to keep us all both fed and safe, and for doing it with such energy and good humour.

Guido Patrice sends this photo and says, “here’s some of the night crew — Al Young, Jeff Gayton and Steve Sonnenburg. Missing from the photo are Russell McDonald, Dwight Dugdale and Andrew Banfield. These are the mighty team that stocks our shelves nightly at a pace that would surprise many. They work tirelessly 7 nights a week.”

Who are your unsung heroes of the pandemic here in Mississippi Mills — the people who continue to work hard to make this extraordinary time easier for all of us? Please send your nominations to millstonenews@gmail.com and we’ll start honouring the invaluable work they do.




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