Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Giant Baked Beans with Sausage Meatballs

by Susan Hanna This is another great recipe...

Ukrainian pysanky egg workshops at St. Andrew’s in Pakenham

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Proceeds from St George’s breakfasts support school food programs

Prior to the pandemic, the parishioners of...
NewsUpdate on Enerdu hydro plant construction

Update on Enerdu hydro plant construction

We received this brief note from the Town about the next steps in the construction of the Enerdu hydroelectric plant on the Mississippi River in Almonte.

“The upstream blasting has been completed. There will be equipment working upstream, cleaning up the blasted rock and old roadways. Soon drilling for the anchors required for the new weirs will occur followed immediately by concrete form work for the weirs.


“Blasting for the powerhouse area downstream will occur shortly. They will be using a different water control process and that is currently being put into place. Once completed the drilling and then blasting can occur. They have not provided a firm timeline but it is expected that this blasting will take a fraction of the time of the upstream work, measured in days not weeks.

“The project remains on schedule.”

We still invite Enerdu to share with us any final drawings of the powerhouse they plan to build abutting the old Maple Leaf Mill on Main Street.




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