Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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LivingUpdate on locally supported orphanage in Haiti

Update on locally supported orphanage in Haiti

Centre Vie Orphanage in Haiti has been supported for many years by residents in Mississippi Mills and beyond.  Many of our supporters and friends have expressed concern about the wellbeing of the children at the orphanage, considering the current socio-political crisis in Haiti.  The Centre Vie teachers and children are very touched by the concern that our residents have shown them during this time of darkness in their lives.

The location of the orphanage in a remote rural area in Haiti, at a distance from the violent unrest in Port-au-Prince, provides some physical protection for the children.  Their safety has not yet been threatened and the closest town has not yet been attacked by the gangs. Although the schools are still functioning, the students and teachers are emotionally stressed and worried about the lawlessness that can descend upon them at any hour of the day or night.

The children are praying every day for their survival and hoping for a safe recess in the school yard, a chance to enjoy their social activities, soccer games on the streets, running around to the rivers, and picking up mangoes and quenepas from under the trees.  Many of these children are thinking about the day when they can safely look after their goats without having to watch out for thieves or an errant bullet.

The gang warfare on the streets of the capital makes it difficult to transport produce into the remote area of the orphanage, leading to a scarcity of food and other necessities.  Merchants are distressed with the high costs they must pay for goods and the resulting high resale prices. It is a grueling ordeal for everyone.

Fortunately, Almonte resident Dieudonne Batraville, Founder of Centre Vie Orphanage, has been able to safely wire funds to the orphanage. She has also managed to communicate with the orphanage through an unreliable internet service, helping to keep hope alive for the children and teachers at the Centre.

We are very grateful for the interest that many Mississippi Mills residents have shown in the welfare of the children at Centre Vie.

For the moment, we are praying for peace. We hope that the saying, “All Good Fridays have an Easter Sunday,” is true for our children and for all Haitians.

Gratitude and best wishes.

Dieudonne Batraville, Founder
Centre Vie Orphanage, Haiti




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