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Dave Bates — obituary

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This is a very nice 1990 Martin...
Arts & CultureUpdate on movie shooting in Almonte

Update on movie shooting in Almonte

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this article from the company that has been shooting the Hallmark movie “Seeds of Love” in Almonte for the past few days.

When The Mob Entertainment received the script “Seeds of Love” featuring an iconic tree in a picturesque town, the first place they thought of was Almonte.

Marilu Henner with Almonte kids (photo by Greg Cherry)

Once the tree was chosen, all the other locations were selected within walking distance from the Old Town Hall.  Since July 4th crew members have been shopping at various stores and services, eating in restaurants, and hiring locals as extras, production assistants, and security guards.

The story is about Aimie (Ashley Williams) who works for the Parks & Recreation department. When she learns the town’s beloved tree at the cenotaph is being cut down because the roots are strangling the town’s water system, Aimie decides to move into the tree to save it. Her mother (Marilu Henner) supports her enthusiasm. Kyle (Trevor Donovan) has been contracted to cut down the tree. While she camps out in the tree, he resides in his truck next to the tree awaiting an opportunity to begin his work.  Their animosity eventually turns to attraction and together they find a way to save the tree, fix the pipes, and live happily ever after.

Cast and extras shoot ‘Harvest Festival’ scene (photo by Greg Cherry)

Even though the film crew was aware of the Enerdu Dam project, they felt filming could proceed despite the minor construction noise. During their three weeks of prep the sound level had been manageable.  However, on the first day of principal photography drilling began, which impacted filming. The movie’s executive producer and location manager approached the on-site Cavanagh crew.  When Cavanagh realized the filming was in jeopardy, they worked out a solution with the film crew. They recognized that the filming activities were a $50,000 economic benefit to the town and were eager to participate in a solution that benefited all concerned.  Despite having a tight timeline, Cavanagh is working with the film crew to ensure they can record dialogue.

Night shoot (photo by Greg Cherry)

Many residents have wandered down to the Old Town Hall to see what’s happening and have been invited onto the set to meet the stars and observe the filming up close.  The crew has made a point of ordering food from Pizza-ria Unlimited, getting all their printing done at PxlWorks, and gathering supplies at local businesses like Palms Café, Healthy Food Technologies, Keepsakes, and numerous others.  The participation and cooperation of all businesses and residents has been greatly appreciated.

Seeds of Love. Harvest Festival. Local extras at Market
Extras at ‘market’ (photo by Greg Cherry)




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