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 Val Sears is an eminent Canadian journalist. Widely recognized as one of the most important political journalists of his day, he has long experience as reporter, editor, Ottawa bureau chief and foreign correspondent in London and Washington for the Toronto Star, and as a columnist for Sun newspapers. Val has won numerous awards for his reporting including a National Newspaper Award for feature writing and for news, as well as a science-writing award.

He is author of the book Hello Sweetheart: Get Me Rewrite, which is a lively account of the 1950’s newspaper wars between the Toronto Telegram and the Toronto Star, both of which employed him. The book has become a cult classic among journalists and appears on the curriculum of journalism schools in Canada. In 1991 Val  accepted the Bell Chair as Visiting Professor of Journalism at the University of Regina. In 1999 Mr. Sears was made a lifetime member of the Ottawa Press Gallery.

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