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Amonte United seeks volunteer to record services

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Municipal Election 2018Vicki Barr McDougall running in Pakenham Ward

Vicki Barr McDougall running in Pakenham Ward

Vicki Barr McDougall was born and raised in Pakenham, one of eight children and the first graduating class of Pakenham Public School. She went to Almonte District High School, is a mother of 4 and enjoys 7 wonderful grandchildren. She is an avid golfer, Ottawa Sens Fan, dart player, has put many hours into organizing fundraisers and is dedicated to her family and community.

Vicki loves Mississippi Mills and only wants what is best for the Community and its residents. She feels Pakenham Ward has been overlooked for quite some time and wants to make sure that doesn’t happen in the next four years. Vicki wants to confirm she brings real solutions with her to office, not just bandages. Her main focus is change. Vicki knows every new candidate lists ‘change’ as their platform but she is ‘old school’ and what she says is what she means. Transparency and Communication are a requisite in her book.

Vicki feels the Office of the Mayor and Councilors should be held by individuals who are willing to work together to make the municipality better for ALL residents. She feels that Mississippi Mills needs a new group of Councilors who will be open, accountable and willing to look after the people’s best interest to represent the majority of residents in Mississippi Mills. It is absolutely necessary to spotlight the families and children of the future. In Pakenham Ward Vicki believes the priorities are to concentrate on updating parks, maintaining roads and bridges, expand rural development and control and stabilize municipal taxes.

If elected Councilor for Pakenham Ward, Vicki will strive to serve the village and its surrounding area by putting the needs of the people first. To prioritize and balance the ‘must haves’ and ‘wants’. Spending should be reviewed and wisely distributed. Most of all the residents need to be listened to and acknowledged. There is an essential need to make Pakenham Ward a better municipality and one that our children will want to remain in and raise their families.

Many years ago Pakenham worked together to build the Stewart Community Center…Vicki wants to work together with the residents to ensure there is every opportunity for the community and a promising new future for its next generation.




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