Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Municipal Election 2022Vicki Lowe, Ramsay ward candidate

Vicki Lowe, Ramsay ward candidate

There is a new face vying for a council seat in Ramsay ward this term. Vicki Lowe is an experienced professional with a long family history in Mississippi Mills. Raised in Almonte by Rick and Sharon Libbey (nee Boal), Vicki credits her parents’ example for her desire to get involved in the community. The Libbeys are long-time Civitan members who worked tirelessly to raise funds for programs in Mississippi Mills.

Vicki’s experience as an Executive Director in the non-profit sector gives her solid professional skills that will transfer well to Council work. From budgeting and overseeing finances to working with Boards and volunteers, Vicki’s skills make her a natural fit as a councillor.

Vicki sites planning for growth responsibly as a priority for the next council. Given that the population of Mississippi Mills is expected to grow to over 21,000 by 2038, this next term of council will be vital for continuing to lay the groundwork for that expansion. Vicki will work to respect the heritage and history that residents of Mississippi Mills love, while creating a solid plan for smart growth.

Vicki believes that there are many relationships inside Mississippi Mills and with its surrounding communities that need to be mended. Over the last six years there has been a growing divide in the municipality. Vicki believes that party politics have no place in municipal government, and she will use her skills as a known bridge builder to help mend relationships within the community and with its neighbouring communities.

Vicki knows that strong communication is a cornerstone of a healthy community. Council must not make decisions in a vacuum, but rather have a full understanding of the ramifications of every decision it makes. Consultation with residents must take place before decisions are made. Council needs to use every means at its disposal to reach out to residents when feedback is required. Updates and explanations should be shared with community members frequently so that there is no question about what is happening at Town Hall.

If elected for council, Vicki will use her down-to-earth and approachable nature, along with her strong ethics to benefit the residents of Mississippi Mills.

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