Photo by Brent Eades
Daffodils along Highway 29. Photo by Brent Eades

You may have seen the daffodils blooming over the last week near Pakenham on Highway 29. You may not realize they were planted by Beautification Committee volunteers over the last several years.  There are now thousands starting to bloom at the hill next to the Indian River and at the Cedar Hill corner; the plan is to eventually have them stretch from Pakenham to Almonte.

Daffodils have many attributes:

  • They multiply.
  • The deer don’t eat them.
  •  They bloom early in the spring.

If you have a pot of daffodil bulbs with spent blooms, consider planting them on a hillside along the highway, in a place that doesn’t get mowed. Or drop off the bulbs at the Culture and Recreation office in the Old Town Hall.