Sunday, December 4, 2022
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LivingWhat’ll we do this winter?

What’ll we do this winter?

Barbara Carroll, Glenda Jones

As we transition into fall, there is a need for unique projects to keep our community thriving, culturally and physically.  Barbara Carroll and Glenda Jones have been brainstorming to fill their time through the bleak winter months, and have come up with some novel – not novel virus! – ideas to get our community through to spring.

In order to establish connections, we need to include those vital elements that make our community special: the organizations, the merchants, and the  Humm that keeps us all on an even keel and involved in a million exciting things.

What if the Friends of the Library partnered with Mill Street Books and the myriad of book clubs to come up with five books per month that would be “must reads”? Mill Street Books would be happy to receive orders for those books. The titles could be advertised in an ad in the Humm, Zoom chats would follow, and new friendships might be forged.

What if the schools held a Snow Angel Rally on their playing fields, so that every park in the town was blessed with Angels all on one weekend? All that needs is one group to coordinate it.  We’re sure there would be exceptional photos of such an event.

What if Almonte in Concert were to sponsor real live musicians for a very limited audience, a rare gala with real dress-up clothes, and a live streamed concert for those who want their entertainment on the couch in jammies? Maybe there are food establishments that would partner to provide their excellent fare for such an event.

What if the Bicycle Club and the ATV group got together and gave those frustrated athletes a challenge in the winter on the gorgeous trails we enjoy. Maybe there’s a merchant that could help pet owners get involved for a dog walk as well.

What if the Horticulture Club organized a contest to decorate trees along Mill Street at Christmas? What if the Hub sponsored an Upcycled Auction? Rebound has oodles of things to re-use, repaint, re-create. One man’s junk is another’s treasure.

Here’s the deal: in order to make this a winter to remember, we need to be all-in, and that means organizations should hook up with a merchant that will be ever so grateful for your support. Planning a cheese and wine tasting? There’s Peche et Poivre, Jabulani Winery. Planning chocolate and beer – (think Valentine’s!)? Hummingbird Chocolate, Crooked Mile Brewery, Fudge Factory, Cartwright  Springs Brewery.

How will people know what you are doing?  A Humm ad: one a month previous to your event, and one the month it is occurring will go a long way in supporting our arts community as well as getting us all off the couch and out with our neighbours.

We have to be creative to make this work. If your group doesn’t have an idea, Barbara and Glenda have a long list to share. Every group wants to keep active through exceptional times, and this is the best way to do it.

They have already committed to partnering with a merchant and a group to organize a birdhouse auction in the spring.  Details will be out in December, and this will be one event no one will want to miss.

Don’t let your group languish in ennui when there are so many exciting projects to consider.  For more information call (613)256-6479 or (613)888-6646.




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