The exhibition Wild Splendor opens this Sunday September 16 from 2-4pm at General Fine Craft. Both participating artists will be there to talk about their work which explores themes of nature and themes of texture. 

Mary Philpott’s work is an expression of her love for (and fascination with) the natural world, its forests, the birds and the beasts. Her distinctive animal sculptures reference human mythologies, ancient folk and fairy tales, and 19th-century children’s book illustrations.

She sculpts these incredible beings from raw clay, treating the surfaces with stains, oxides, crackling slips and matte glazes. Craggy, rough, gestural textures illustrate the movement of air sweeping around the animal, caught at a magical moment in time.       

Robin Hollingdrake paints with passion and a sense of discovery every day of her life. Working in series, she explores abstract ideas as well as realistic representations of flora. A common theme is bold, vibrant colour combinations that dazzle the imagination.

She creates interesting tactile surfaces using the application of many transparent layers using cold wax, oil paints and linocuts printed on kozuke papers. Robin’s series of collage paintings for Wild Splendor depict nature’s random beauty with lyrical flora and fauna emerging from beyond colourful abstract backdrops.

The exhibition continues until October 21.

General Fine Craft is at 63 Mill St., in Almonte.

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