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Will and Kate’s Kitchen

Ottawa resident Judith Yaworsky has a novel idea to celebrate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. She loves to cook and after seeing a picture of Kate pushing a shopping cart just days after her royal wedding, the gala event of  the year, she thought that an online cookbook would be just the thing. She created the website

“When they’re not touring the world, they have to cook just like us,” she says. “The recipes that have been submitted so far have been tested for years, and even generations, in real people’s kitchens, so we know they are very good.

Interesting submissions to date include a decadent dessert from India, a three-generation tourtière from Canada, and a tomato fennel soup from Los Angeles. Just three days ago she received a a recipe from a cleaning lady in a small Pennyslvania town who had been asked for her special cookie recipe for 30 years, yet is only now giving it out, for the royal couple.

Judith spent $2,200 creating the cookbook and invited the public to submit recipes.She has received recipes from Indiana to  India. Net proceeds from the cookbook after pay back of expenses will be donated to one of Will and Kate’s designate charities, the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Judith recalls the wedding,

“For one marvelous moment, we were all one big, happy family: mesmerized by the pageantry, inspired by their obvious love for each other and hopeful that all will be well in this world of ours”, she says. “Like any family gathering, food is a focus – and food is a way to show love.”

Anyone wishing to submit recipes to the online cookbook may do so at





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