The Millstone has learned of a persistent rumour that Mississippi Mills Council may entertain a motion to rescind their request for a Part II order in the Enerdu hydro generation project. A Part II order requests the Minister of Natural Environment conduct its own environmental assessment on the project and not rely on the self assessment of Enerdu. After significant public pressure Council made this request at the 11th hour in late January, submitting it the day of the deadline for a request.

The Millstone contacted the Mississippi Mills Town Planner Steve Stirling and Mayor Levi to clarify this rumour. No response has been received from the mayor but Mr. Stirling has confirmed that he is currently reviewing a request. Mr. Stirling did not specify who made the request but it is  presumably from Enerdu or its consultants.

We understand that there is a special meeting of council this evening but that this item is not on the agenda. The next regularly scheduled council meeting is Tuesday May 7, 2013.