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LivingFood and DrinkWine tasting at the cottage - Part 2

Wine tasting at the cottage – Part 2

Markby Mark Cochrane

The wine tasting at the cottage this year turned out better than I had planned. My original intent was to do a vertical tasting of South African wines across different vintages but when I went to source the wine at the LCBO I found myself travelling down a different path. I decided to try a wine tasting that compared the traditional wines made with “South African signature grapes” against the new style of wines being planted in South Africa since 1994 when trade isolation ended with apartheid rule and the wine industry in South Africa opened up to new markets, winemakers and winemaking ideas. The revitalization in the South African wine industry included the addition of new vitis vinifera plantings like Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz to name a few.

The first part of the wine tasting compared two white wines. A Chenin Blanc (signature grape) from the oldest wine cooperative in South Africa (KWV) against a Sauvignon Blanc from a relatively new comer in the wine industry (United Nations of Wine).

The second tasting compared a Pinotage (signature grape) from Paarl South Africa with a Shiraz / Cabernet Sauvignon blend from the Paarl and Darling regions. While some of the group preferred the newer styles of wines, the overwhelming preference was for the older style wines like Pinotage and Chenin Blanc which demonstrates that some wines can stand the test of time.

KWV_Chenin_Blanc_websm2014 KWV Contemporary Chenin Blanc, South Africa ($9.45 – LCBO 18689)

The lively acidity of the Chenin Blanc gives it an almost effervescent mouth feel. Aromas of pear and lime with a tartiness flavour like green apple and lemon. It’s truly a summer wine to be enjoyed on a patio with friends. This wine pairs well with fish tacos.

Available at Terry Fox & Campeau LCBO or March Road LCBO in Kanata

Frisky_Zebra_websm2013 Frisky Zebras Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa ($8.95 – LCBO 237685)

A light yellow Sauvignon Blanc with aromas of melon and tropical fruits. It has a refreshing crispness with a short to medium grapefruit pith finish. A good hot weather wine served with summer salads

Available at Almonte LCBO or March Road LCBO in Kanata

Pinotage_The_Grinder_websm2013 The Grinder Pinotage, South Africa ($13.95 – LCBO 269076)

The aromas of coffee, mocha and dark fruit are unique to the Pinotage wine. It’s a dark full bodied wine with a smooth texture of dark fruit and long finish. An excellent choice for BBQ meats like pork or beef

Available at Terry Fox & Campeau LCBO or March Road LCBO in Kanata

Big_Oak_Red_websm2012 Bellingham Big Oak Red, South Africa ($11.95 – LCBO 350595)

A blend of 60% Shiraz and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon yields a dark fruit forward wine with some spiciness and a bit of dark chocolate at the end. This wine works well with pulled pork sandwiches or BBQ steak

Available at the Almonte LCBO or March Road LCBO in Kanata





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