Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Neighborhood Yard Sale, May 25

Neighborhood Yard Sale On Spring Street between Gale...

Be a Home Hospice North Lanark Hero!

Wondering what happened to our Spring Auction...
LivingGardeningYard of the Week, July 12 2023

Yard of the Week, July 12 2023

This week’s Almonte District Horticultural Society ‘Yard of the Week’ goes to 156 Spring Street.  The yard is anchored on one side by a huge old maple that creates the shade for the front yard. The centrepiece of the yard is a large island bed, edged perfectly with a rim of variegated hostas. To the side of the house is an arbour that holds a clematis in full bloom, that makes you wonder what awaits you beyond the gates.  If you would like to nominate a garden within the Mississippi Mills area for ‘Yard of the Week’ send the address to Please note that the garden must be visible from a public street or sidewalk.




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