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Arts & CultureYoung awards 2012

Young awards 2012

The Young Awards Gala Dinner was held last night at the NLAS Hall and 200 people were there to help raise money in support of arts projects for children in Mississippi Mills elementary and secondary schools.

Jeff Semple and Josie Geuer did an excellent job of hosting. These two talented young people grew up in Almonte and have since gone on to media stardom. The loyalty and affection they showed towards their hometown by making themselves available for this event was truly appreciated.

The evening began with a mixed media piece entitled "Inspiration" which celebrated the arts…as well as local hero James Naismith. Performed by adults and children, amateur and professional, it set the tone for the entertainment that followed.

At its centre was the presentation of Awards to Jeff Mills for Cultural Volunteerism and Ingrid Hamster for Cultural Achievement. Each of their portions of the program included background information about their lives and high praise for their significant contribution to the arts and to our community.

Don St John, of Don’s Meat Market, and Stephen Brathwaite, of Almonte Condos, conducted a hilarious live auction that drew a lot of laughs and a lot of money from the pockets of willing victims.

Representatives from the local school board were present and expressed their thanks for the benefits they receive from the Young Awards. Mayor John Levi and Councillors Alex Gillis and Duncan Abbott represented the Town.

A big thanks goes to major sponsors for the evening: Reliable Heating and Cooling, Vamos Outdoor, Lilly White and Gilliegalou.





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