Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Arts & CultureAn Artist's NotesAn Artist’s Notes | Kids’ Stuff    

An Artist’s Notes | Kids’ Stuff    

Eileen Hennemann

I have lost count how many times I’ve waded in a shallow river instead of walking along the path beside it.

I’ve done this many times since I was a kid and quite often here in Lanark County. The countryside is rich with hidden creeks and streams, and when we have a dry spell I am thrilled to pick my way through shallow waters that have hidden fossils and other ancient rock treasures rarely seen otherwise. I used to wade in bare feet but now can’t deal with a potential yucky thing I might step on, so on with my sneakers and off I go, all of “12 years old”, looking for that adventure around the river bend.

It means a lot to be able to do the things you love, and one of them for me is still doing some things I did as a kid. I look forward to the wide-eyed moment of discovery of something new in nature, of watching fish swim under my kayak in gin-clear water, of being in awe as an eagle or osprey flies overhead as we stop to soak up where we are, and of rolling up my jeans and giggling (gasp!) as I enter a stream of cold, moving water and figure out the best route to get to the other side without falling in.

As I said, these things I started doing as a kid, and this painting is of me and my little brother on our secret adventure following this narrow river, filled with boulders and little waterfalls. And while our parents were on shore walking along beside us, we were oblivious to them and anything else. It was just us, our serious mapping of the best route, and the constant laughter about who knows what that we talked about. Kids’ stuff, I guess.

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