Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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NewsBlaze destroys family home and business in Elphin village

Blaze destroys family home and business in Elphin village

photo by Beth Girdler
Fire consumes the Davidson home. Photo by Beth Girdler.

 by Brent Eades

A fast-moving fire Friday morning levelled a family home in the village of Elphin, in the southwest corner of Lanark County about 50 km from Almonte.

Rita and Mark Davidson and their four children rushed from the old wooden home — once the Elphin general store — at about 8 a.m. By the time firefighters arrived the house was engulfed, and within an hour it was reduced to ashes.

Next-door neighbour Beth Girdler said the heat was intense, and that trees across the street were scorched by the flames.

Neighbours took in the Davidson family, and the Red Cross was on the scene soon after to provide assistance.

The Davidsons run a home-based publishing business devoted to issues about Catholicism. On their website they note that three of their children are autistic. Neighbours hope to establish a site for donations to the family soon.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

photo by Beth Girdler
Photo by Beth Girdler.
photo by Beth Girdler
Photo by Beth Girdler.
Photo by Beth Girdler.




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