Vicki McDougall, Almonte Old Home Weekend Committee 2018

This is going to be a long one so grab a coffee, relax and put your feet up…this is what happens when a “Community Comes Together”…

We had a great committee behind Almonte Old Home Weekend 2018. It started out with 10 volunteers and ended up with 4 and they sure stepped up to the plate and performed…this Event would not have happened without them. An extremely special thank you goes out to John Dalgity, Peggy Byrnes, Rob Madore and George Brown for helping make my dream of recreating Almonte Old Home Weekend a reality…they worked tirelessly and the end result certainly attested to that.

The volunteers, although minimal, were totally awesome and some stayed and worked extra shifts on the door and bar when they found out we were short-handed and also so I could go and see my newborn grandson who was told not to make his appearance this weekend but apparently he listens just like his mother.

Our Sponsors were very generous and our heartfelt thanks for their contributions. Many of the events over the weekend would not have happened without them. To Steve Maynard and his tremendous efforts to make all the children in MM and surrounding areas happy, even though a car accident 2 days before made this a difficult quest – he pulled it off with help from volunteers.

To Pat Donahue for single-handedly getting 10 ball teams together, scheduling, supplying prizes and getting them started. To Jamie Dalgity, Darlene Watters and George Brown for keeping both ball diamonds running when Pat had to head to Brockville.

To the Almonte Legion for supplying a BBQ, beer tent and being one of our biggest Sponsors. They went above and beyond to ensure our success.

To the Mississippi Mills Fire Department who changed their Pancake Breakfast to coincide with our weekend, like it used to be many, many years ago…you had a wonderful turnout for which I’m grateful.

To The Almonte Civitan Club who generously supplied their hall, got together a Car Show and hosted the Chicken BBQ, like the good old days.

To ALL the musicians who were nothing short of fantastic…the shows went like clockwork and their professionalism was a joy to watch and listen to. You played to the crowd and they loved you all for it.

To Jon Clement and Owen who took care of all our Labatt needs and ordering.

To Steve McNally, our Sound & Lighting guy…you rocked it and I will be singing your praises for a long time to come…in fact I already gave your name out if you get a call…lol

Thank you Cynthia Guerard for donating the material we put up on the glass to assist the sound problems…maybe the new Council will consider an alternative solution that would be permanent so some money can be generated at the Community Center lol…

To Mike McNeely who so very, very generously donated his refrigerated truck so everyone could have ice-cold beer all weekend which I felt was a priority.

To Brayden’s Lemonade Stand who, for such a young age, works tirelessly to quench everyone’s thirst…good job Brayden.

To the arena staff that made sure the arena and ball fields were prepared and taken care of…they were a pleasure to work with.

And finally to the friends, families, relatives and acquaintances who came from all across Canada to help support our Event. You made this past weekend a pleasure and a success. To see so many different generations attend and inter-mingle was what gravitated me towards this function to begin with…as one Almonte resident said she saw highschool friends she hadn’t seen in 37 years…it was amazing to watch. One of my oldest friends, who I met in Gr. 9 at ADHS, said to me on her way home…”what a great party – next year we should do it 6 – 9 p.m….lol…some of us are getting old and trust me I’m feeling it today…

Thank you each and every one…it was one for the books for sure…and I apologize if I’ve missed thanking anyone…I’ve tried really hard not to…