by Brent Eades

Poor James Naismith (far right) was looking chilly. Photo by Erica Eades.

Mother Nature was perhaps excessively zealous in her efforts to ensure a white Christmas for Almonte, bringing us a winter storm today that is expected to dump as many as 30 cm of snow on the area before tapering off on Saturday.

Local school buses were cancelled, and Ottawa Police and the OPP report over 100 vehicle accidents in the region, including a double-decker OC Transpo bus that flipped on its side on Woodroofe Avenue (no one was injured, fortunately.)

By mid-afternoon Hydro Ottawa was reporting power outages along sections of Dwyer Hill and Golden Line Roads. These don’t appear to be affecting Mississippi Mills residents.

Colder temperatures are forecast starting Sunday, so it will most surely be a white Christmas here in town.

(Interestingly, a check of historical weather data indicates that we had our first significant snowfall on this same date, December 21, last year as well.)