We need folks to be Liam!

Plans are underway for the 20th anniversary of Almonte Celtfest, July 8-10, 2016. The organizing committee has met three times this fall to discuss its vision for a celebration reflective of the rich history of Celtfest over the past 20 years, and to begin planning for the needed resources—money, volunteers, and performers. Watch for updates!

In the meantime, the committee is currently seeking volunteers in the following capacities.

Rose of Tralee Contest Candidate Selection Coordinator

To make this year especially meaningful, the organizing committee has identified the opportunity for Celtfest to support the application of a young, single woman from the Ottawa Valley to the Rose of Tralee Contest, held annually in Ottawa, March 11-13, 2016. The successful candidate will then participate in the Rose of Tralee Festival in August, held in Ireland. As noted from the website,, this large Festival takes place annually in County Kerry, Ireland to celebrate Irish heritage. A number of centres from across the globe send a candidate to be selected as the Rose, including several Canadian centres such as Ottawa. The qualities of a Rose are defined by the song, The Rose of Tralee—intelligence, compassion, and independence. ‘A Rose represents the collective aspirations, social responsibilities and ambitions of young women from a variety of communities and backgrounds, united by their desire to celebrate their Irish heritage.’


The deadline for application of the candidate to Ottawa Centre to be announced in mid-December, is usually in February, so we need to identify a Selection Coordinator by Christmas 2015 in order to host a selection process in this area during the month of January. The cost of the application to Ottawa Centre would be borne by Celtfest (~$300) in exchange for the successful candidate being an ambassador for Almonte Celtfest during 2016. If you would be interested in spearheading a search for a suitable Rose candidate in the Ottawa Valley, please contact Gavin Donnelly at 613 229 0692, or Ruth DuBois at 613 256 7030.

Liam: Celtfest Mascot Volunteers

If you enjoy fun, shenanigans, creativity, ‘kids’ of all ages, and community events, then enlivening Liam, the Leprechaun might just be a volunteer activity for you! Please contact Gavin at 613 229 0692 if interested, or for more information.